Anxiety Case Study


Shown here are Chipper and Poochie.




Through the many years I have worked with animals, I have met quite a few that suffer from anxieties and phobias, such as thunderphobia and separation anxiety. I decided to determine how well the healing techniques I have learned can work together to help animals overcome their fears, phobias, anxieties, traumas, and behavioral issues. I decided to focus my study specifically on Thunderphobia and Separation Anxiety.



Shown here are Sherman and Rebel






In May of 2007, I recruited 23 dogs to participate in my informal case study. Out of the 23 dogs, 16 suffered from Thunderphobia, 4 suffered from Separation Anxiety, 2 suffered from both, and 1 suffered from a Fear of Electrical Outtages (initially, we were going to address his separation anxiety, but, upon further discussion, it was determined that he had mild separation anxiety and his anxieties occurred during electrical outtages).



Shown here are Kula and Lightfoot.






In June of 2007, I began the sessions with the dogs. During the initial consultation, I had all the Guardians complete a questionnaire so I could get a better idea of how their dogs reacted while they were anxious as well as find out what other things caused anxiety for their dogs. Other than the few participants who I met in person for the initial consultation and session, all sessions were done remotely using various energetic healing techniques. The few dogs I did meet in person for the initial consultation also received a full body massage.



Shown here are Bubba and Balto.







By December of 2007, I had finished the sessions for all of the participants. Each session was tailored to meet the current needs of each dog and I provided as many sessions as I felt were needed, from a minimum of 3 sessions to a maximum of 10 sessions. After each session with a dog, I provided the dog's Guardian with feedback on what happened during the session and asked them to keep me updated on their dog's progress. Following their dog's final session, I sent the dog's Guardian a final questionnaire in order to see if their dog's anxieties had improved and any other feedback they had to offer.



Shown here are Ivy and Pavlov.





Following are the results based upon the feedback provided in the final questionnaires as well as throughout the case study:

  • For the 16 dogs with only Thunderphobia, 2 no longer exhibited any anxiety during storms, 12 exhibited less anxiety during storms, and 2 remained the same during storms.
  • For the 4 dogs with only Separation Anxiety, 2 no longer exhibited anxiety when left home alone while the other 2 exhibited less anxiety when left home alone.
  • For the 2 dogs with both Thunderphobia and Separation Anxiety, 1 exhibited less anxiety when left home alone and during storms while the other remained the same during storms and when left home alone.
  • The 1 dog who did not like Electrical Outtages exhibited less anxiety during and after power outtages.



Shown here are Nellie and Scooter.






Overall, out of the 23 dogs that participated in my informal case study, 20 dogs had shown improvement while 3 remained the same, which means that 87% of the dogs have less anxiety in their lives. Another wonderful outcome of this case study was that several of the Guardians commented to me how their relationship with their dogs improved and that they learned new ways to interact with their dogs during times of anxiety. So, not only did the healing sessions help the dogs, it also improved their relationship with their Guardians. How wonderful is that!



Shown here are Hannah and Jackpot.





Following is just some of the feedback I received from a few of the Guardians whose dogs participated in the case study:


Heidi's Guardian, Pam: "Before Heidi's healing sessions, we had tried all sorts of remedies for Heidi's thunderphobia. Some would work initially and then not again, but many just didn't work at all. After the sessions with Sue, Heidi still experiences thunderstorm (& other loud noise) anxiety, but there is one big improvement. She is consolable now, and will settle down and quiet down when soothed. Before the sessions, nothing we did would alleviate her fears, and her anxiety was terrible. So the ability to comfort and relax her is a vast improvement." (Heidi is shown with her buddy Millie)



Sassi's Guardian, Teresa, owner of Furry Feet Retreat of Cary: "Sassi used to go berserk barking, running, and jumping at the least little bit of thunder. Now, she rarely reacts to low, rumbling thunder and is less excited during loud, overhead thunder."






Bosley's Guardian: "Through Susan's healing sessions, Bosley's phobia has been decreased. Although he still has some anxiety, it isn't as intense and we have both learned coping mechanisms through the storms."





Petey's Guardian: "My 8 year old Golden Retriever, Petey, has suffered from severe thunderphobia for as long as I can remember. Susan performed healing energy sessions with Petey for 8 weeks. Although Petey still has thunderphobia (he hides in his safe spot), he no longer pants and shakes when there is a storm. He remains calm in his safe spot until the storm is over. I feel that he has made great improvement thanks to Susan's interventions."



Jesse's Guardian: "I am impressed with the care, knowledge, and compassion that Susan showed for my companion. I have a 6 1/2 year old peke who was neglected when he was younger and left out on the deck. When I adopted Jesse, he showed signs of anxiety and fear of loud noises, particularly thunderstorms. Over the years this progressed to where Jesse was extremely nervous during thunderstorms. Susan came to my house and met Jesse and she was an instant hit with him! She did a thorough job in obtaining Jesse's background, getting to know Jesse, and performing some energy work with him. She was very detailed in explaining the process to me and staying in touch with me throughout the process to check in with him. While I also do some energy work, I was amazed at the improvement in Jesse's behavior during thunderstorms. He is calmer now and, only occasionally, have I had to use the flower essence, Anxiety, on him. I am grateful to Susan for working with Jesse. Her passion for her "work" is a gift to both Jesse and me!"


Sisko's Guardian: "I feel it was (Universe) advantageous timing in that we all experienced the "off shoots" of Sisko's healing. With him being calmer, he became aware of our other doggie friend Emmie's demodex wounds and serenely licked them, often. I started to call him 'magic tongue' because they healed surprisingly quickly. Emmie is now on her way to a full healing herself. With my 14 year old, Chelsea, he became calmer around and more respectful of her age. She, in turn, is more willing to find interest in him. As for me, this has allowed my own re-grounding as I don't have to be 'doing something' but rather can enjoy their antics and join in the play. No more fences to mend 3 days out of the week and weekends (Sisko used to break through the fencing when he was having an episode of separation anxiety), and only one bath a week for Emmie to maintain her balanced skin."


Spyder's Guardian: "Over the past 8 years, Spyder's storm/noise phobia has gradually been escalating, so I was delighted when Susan King of Companion Chi agreed to enroll him in a Quantum Healing trial to hopefully address this concern. At Susan's suggestion, I also started Spyder on some flower essences from Green Hope Farm. Susan has now been working with us for a couple of months and I'm delighted to report that Spyder has shown an incredibly dramatic change. He no longer gets hysterical and inconsolable with storms and other loud noises, and even slept through the bulk of our latest big thunderstorm last evening! I'm not sure whether it's the essences or Companion Chi's quantum healing techniques or a combination of both - although my best guess would be the combination - which has given Spyder amazing results. All I know for sure is that I am beyond happy to see my baby getting such tremendous relief from his anxiety... I'm deeply grateful to Green Hope Farm and Companion Chi for their kind assistance in helping us with Spyder's anxieties and he and I highly recommend them both to anyone seeking to improve the quality of life for themselves and their pets."


Onyx Ann's Guardian: "When I adopted Onyx from Independent Animal Rescue she was already five years old... Onyx Ann was so unaccustomed to extra attention and new experiences that she was shy about trying new things, including new food... She's not a picky eater any more, she loves her food, but she still questions new things and sniffs daintily before she scarfs them up... A few years ago, I had to find someone who could temporarily care for my pets due to circumstances beyond my control. Strider always knew I would be back for him, but Onyx Ann cried and cried and had a very difficult time with our separation. Since then, I have made an extra effort to include her and help her know how important a part of our family she is and how much I love her. The work with Susan King accomplished wonders. The healing work she did brought Onyx Ann to a new level of security. She's always happy when I come home but there is a definite difference in her comfort level in being apart from me; and in her comfort level interacting with Strider and my cats. Before I worried that she would continue to feel less than a full fledged member of our family. Now I believe she knows she is an integral part." (Onyx Ann is shown with her buddy Strider)


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