Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to questions Susan regularly receives. If you need more information or have any other questions, please contact Susan.


What are the benefits of a healing session?

The benefits are plenty and can help people and animals of all ages. Some of the benefits of healing work include:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Relieves pain and discomfort
  • Aids in the recovery from surgery, disease, illness, or an injury
  • Supports the immune system
  • Improves and maintains overall well-being


When would I need a healing session for myself or for my animal companion?

Healing sessions can help both you and your animal during all stages of life, even when feeling fine. Schedule a session to support any of the following:

  • Injury & Illness
  • Behavioral & Stress-Related Issues
  • Physical & Emotional Trauma
  • Cancer & Arthritis Support
  • Surgery & Recovery
  • Grieving
  • Competitions
  • Maintain Health and Wellness


I pet/massage my animal all the time, how does that differ from a professional massage?

A professional massage is a deliberate and focused technique of touching. Each stroke is controlled in pressure, direction, and intention. If you've had a professional massage, remember how differently that felt than if someone was rubbing your back. Though both feel nice, the professional massage has more intent and focus. The same holds true for an animal.


What is Energy Work?

People and animals are energetic beings. We are predominantly energy with the physical body being a part of the overall energetic body. Just like we need to keep our heart, lungs, etc., healthy, we also need to keep our energetic body balanced and healthy for overall well-being. The energetic body not only impacts people and animals at the physical level, but also at the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. The energetic body is at the core of who we and animals are. Energy work focuses on clearing, balancing, and healing the energetic body for a healthy being at all levels. During an energy session, the practitioner is transmitting the healing energy of the universe along energetic pathways through their hands to the person or animal receiving the energy work. This healing energy helps to bring the energetic body back into balance which leads to healing and wellness on all levels. Reiki, Healing Touch, Quantum Healing, and EmoTrance are various forms of energy work.


How can Healing Sessions be done remotely?

Not only are we all comprised of energy, we are all energetically connected and share the same energy, sometimes referred to as Universal Energy. Everyone has a unique energetic body so, during a remote healing session, the practitioner accesses this Universal Energy and, through the power of intention, transmits the healing energy to a specific person or animal. Just like we can dial a cell phone number and call someone living in a different country, an energy practitioner can tune into a unique energetic body and transmit the healing energy to a specific person or animal.


What is EmoTrance?

EmoTrance is a form of energy work that was developed by direct observation of cause and effect of how energy actually works in the real world. With EmoTrance, you work directly with the energy body through the feedback of the physical body. Rather than focusing on an emotion, you focus on where you feel that in your physical body because emotions represent an energetic disturbance. Once that disturbance is removed and the energy can flow, the emotion is transformed and the energy body is working exactly as it was designed to work - where energy flows and releases. EmoTrance is a simple yet powerful technique and is a life skill that allows you to work with your own energy system in the moment, in real life, in direct response to the environment and the current situtation.


Here are just a few examples of what EmoTrance can help you with:

  • Heal the past without reliving it
  • Heal relationships
  • Build self esteem and a positive body image
  • End emotional overeating
  • Improve interactions with other people, even people who annoy you
  • Flow away fear, anger, and sadness as soon as you feel it
  • Transform hurt into laughter, anger into compassion & strength, and anxiety into delight
  • Fully forgive those who have hurt you
  • Help your animal companions
  • Clear the blocks that keep the Law of Attraction from working for you


Are there any times I should NOT have my animal massaged?

Yes, there are times when massage can do more harm than good so it should not be done. I always recommend that an animal get a veterinary check-up before starting a massage program to ensure the animal can be safely massaged. If your animal has been diagnosed with a health related issue, ask your veterinarian whether massage is safe. Some examples of when not to massage an animal (called contraindications) include: the animal doesn't want to be massaged, the animal has a fever or is in a state of shock, or the animal is experiencing severe pain and nausea.


Even though there are times when you shouldn't massage an animal, there are no contraindications for energy work other than when an animal doesn't want to participate in a healing session.


How do I choose an animal massage provider?

Since there currently is no licensure procedure or certification guidelines for animal massage providers in North Carolina, it is up to you to determine whether a provider has had adequate training. Interview the provider and find out what training they completed, how long the training lasted (unfortunately people can take a week-end workshop and open up shop as a massage provider) and what the training encompassed. There are several schools that offer animal massage training, some more in-depth than others. Ensure the provider has completed training specifically for the animals you want to have massaged and that the training included anatomy & physiology along with hands-on instruction. Don't hesitate to interview a provider before scheduling an appointment. Even if the provider has had proper training, also make sure your animal is comfortable with the provider and the provider knows how to handle your animal.


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